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Hi sweet FAQers



First of all

Nice to have you with us Sweetheart!


When can we finally register?

NOW!!! Only few spots left!!

When is it happening?

Friday the 16th till Sunday the 18th of August 2024

 (camping opens Thursday from 5PM already)

Where the heck does it take place?

Aufenau - the hidden gem of the Spessart hills!

And the only entrance will be here... 

(if you take the other way, we'll send you straight back to hell)

Can we camp there and what does it cost?

Yes you can! We have some good space for tents, Vans and Campers on site! Electricity, toilets and  2-3 showers are available.

And its included in your entry fee! 

As space is limited, please indicate your choice when registering.

We will confirm your choice 48h after your registration latest.

Will there be food and drinks?

Of course! We will have a bar and a food stand. Everything is delicious and at fair prices. So please leave your own alcohol at home!

(except the Slovenians.... please bring your Schnapps)

Where can we find hotels or guesthouses?

Please look for accommodation in the cities of: Aufenau, Bad Orb, Wächtersbach, Bad Soden-Salmünster

What does the registration cost?

How much do you think 3 days of partying on an exclusive site with toilets, showers, electricity, free camping, medical assistance, endless free hours of work by volunteers, great food and drinks, DJ and bands, awesome goodie bags and bike races should cost in Germany?

Exactly you little sneaky fox!!!!

We know it's way too little, but we'll leave it at 60 Euros!

Will there be a supporter package?

Yes of course. because you're nothing without your betters. The price is also 60 Euros, whether you're on a bike or on foot. Because all of you eat, drink, shit and cause trouble.

Is it an event open to the public?

Definitely not! As sad as it is, you are not allowed to enter the grounds without a pre-purchased ticket. There will be no ticket sales on site! For policy reasons we have to do it this way and we will be strict!


Is there a maximum number of participants?

Yes! At 350 registrations we close the doors! Because we don't want to organize some random shit! We want to organize the wildest singlespeed world championship you will see in 2024!

So be nice and don't cause trouble by turning up without a ticket.

Are dogs allowed?

As much as we love dogs, unfortunately they are not allowed on the site. So do us, yourself & your dog a favour and leave them at home.

Despite being registered, i can't make it. Refund?

The local animal welfare organization, the bands and dj's are very happy about your generous donation...

What my bike needs to look like?

one gear - two working brakes - offroad tires

We don't give a damn about the rest!

Most important rule!

SSWC LAW!!! The winner gets our logo tattooed on site.

If you don't agree, don't win! 

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